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House and Land Packages in Cranbourne - Your ultimate guide to finding the perfect package for your future home.
Landconnect — 13 April 2020

Established as its township in the 1860s, the Melbourne suburb of Cranbourne has since been swallowed up by the state capital, but has nonetheless managed to retain a unique and almost rural character. Located in the southeast, it’s now a part of the city of Casey. A sprawling area, greater Cranbourne is made up of sister suburbs Cranbourne North, Cranbourne South, Cranbourne East, and Cranbourne West.

Formerly an area of swampland, greater Cranbourne has been a focus of developers in recent years. At just 50km from the Melbourne CBD, it was identified as one of the few undeveloped areas left in the city’s east and is now a hive of construction. Replete with schools, shopping, entertainment, and even its own Royal Botanic Gardens, it’s little surprise that this is one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing areas.

The reasons to move to Cranbourne are many and varied. But if you are looking to invest in property in the area, should you buy a house and land package in Cranbourne?

Why buy in Cranbourne?

First, let’s take a closer look at the suburb of Cranbourne to understand what the area offers potential residents.

The people

At the time of the 2016 census, the greater Cranbourne area was home to a touch over 50,000 people, with 20,000 of those calling the suburb of Cranbourne itself home. A relatively young place, the median age is 34, well below the national average of 37.9, thanks to its popularity amongst young families.

Cranbourne is an area that perfectly encapsulates the multiculturalism that Melbourne is famous for; over a third of Cranbourne residents were born overseas. With the suburb enjoying strong subcontinental, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Island representation. Perhaps as a result of this mix of cultures, Cranbourne is gaining an excellent reputation amongst Melbourne foodies.

The lifestyle

Located just 50km southeast of the city down the M1 freeway - a 40 minute to one hour drive depending on traffic - the first thing that might strike you about Cranbourne is the openness and greenery. While Melbourne might’ve enveloped it, the area has been careful to retain plenty of beautiful shared spaces, like the expansive Royal Botanic Gardens and the Casey Fields sports complex.


Residents aren’t short of education options, with the greater Cranbourne area boasting a wealth of schools, two higher education providers, and several early learning facilities. Health providers dot the suburb, while Casey Hospital and St John of God Berwick Hospital are just a stone’s throw away in neighbouring Narre Warren.


Cranbourne boasts an ever-expanding public bus network, and is a major rail transport hub, with the Cranbourne line offering regular services to and from the Melbourne CBD. And far from an empty satellite suburb, the shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Cranbourne are fast becoming as good as any in Melbourne.


Cranbourne is also a suburb that enjoys crime rates that are comfortably below Victorian levels. In 2019 the criminal incident rate was 4754 per 100,000 people, compared to 6032 per 100,000 for the state as a whole.

The property

In recent years we’ve seen that Victorian property prices have become more volatile as you get closer to the Melbourne CBD. While many inner-city suburbs have seen a considerable dip in property values in the last two to three years, regional centres continue to experience steady growth.


Dancing on the border of city and country, the growth of Cranbourne property prices may have decelerated and, in some cases, stalled since 2018, but they haven’t yet gone backward. And if you had the foresight to buy in 2011, when the average house price was $370,000, you’d now be sitting on a nest egg worth around $570,000.


While Cranbourne is understandably the most in-demand region, its neighbouring suburbs of Cranbourne North, South, East, and West, as well as Clyde, Junction Village, and Lyndhurst, have all experienced steady growth as property developments, infrastructure, and commercial ventures have entered and added value to the area.

House and land packages in Cranbourne

House and land packages offer potential Cranbourne residents a beautiful and cost-effective way to enter the local property market. You get a brand new home, often on a generous portion of land, and all at a price you can afford.

As mentioned above, new construction projects are currently concentrated in the less developed areas of greater Cranbourne. However, even the furthest of these is located just a ten-minute drive from the heart of the area.

Current House and Land Developments In Cranbourne

Cranbourne has many great new communities which have great value house and land packages. You may wish to consider:

  • Octave at Junction Village
  • Nelson Place

Let's take a look at these two new communities in more detail:

Octave at Junction Village

A new development that looks to make the most of the desired access to the greenery that Cranbourne offers, Octave has been designed with nature in mind. It is situated right next to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and no less than 21% of the site will be committed to communal green spaces. Blocks will be generous too, with the largest measuring almost 1000m². You can register your interest on their website today!

Nelson Place

An allotment situated between the Casey Fields sporting complex and the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Nelson Place is another central Cranbourne development that boasts some seriously green credentials. A proposed extension of the Cranbourne rail line will only add to the value of the area, and with house and land packages starting at just $460,000, Nelson Place grants you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor!

Where to find House and Land packages in Cranbourne West

Cranbourne West has great house and land package options. You may wish to consider:

  • Canopy at Amstel

Let's take a look at Canopy in more detail

Canopy at Amstel

Located on a former golf course, residents of Canopy at Amstel will enjoy pristine landscaping and unending greenery, all just a short drive from the heart of Cranbourne. Canopy is far from just a name; trees dominate this development, enticing you out into the communal spaces. Designed with community, security, and quality of life in mind, Canopy offers the very best of Cranbourne at a price you can afford, with house and land packages starting at below $500,000.

House and land packages in Cranbourne East

Cranbourne East has a number of estates that have many house and land package options. These include:

  • Circa 1886
  • Pavilion
  • Hartleigh

Let's take a look at these new estates in more detail.

Circa 1886

A masterplan of over 500 lots, house, and land sales in Circa 1886 are now down to the last stages, and there’s a reason for the development’s popularity. Located on the border of Clyde North and Berwick, convenience, safety, and beauty combine in particularly affordable packages - as low as $450,000 for three-bedroom abodes. The elevated ground and gentle undulation of the site bring an entirely natural feel.


For those that want access to everything, there’s almost no better location in Cranbourne East than Pavilion. Sitting directly adjacent to the greenery and fun of Casey Fields, you’ll also be a short walk from the Shopping on Clyde retail centre, and mere minutes from Cranbourne Station, the Royal Botanic Garden Cranbourne and Westfield Fountain Gate. And with townhouses starting at $375,000, all this could be yours for some of the lowest prices in the area!


It’s all about the little things at Hartleigh, a new premium estate in Clyde, east of Cranbourne. The design team has been at pains to add little touches that make Hartleigh feel different. In essence, the open spaces feel like an extension of your own home, the houses are all built around a central park that acts as the green heart of the development, and both the homes and the communal areas are designed to be entirely family-friendly. And if you need any more reason to invest, four-bedroom house and land packages start at just $560,000.

House and land packages in Cranbourne North

Cranbourne North has a number of estates that have many house and land package options. These include:

  • Ironwood

Let's take a look at why Ironwood is a great option for new homebuyers.


A development that promises to set the standard for housing in the city of Casey, the luxury residences of Ironwood border the gorgeous Cranbourne Golf Course, and will offer easy access to all that a modern resident could possibly need; schools, transport, shopping, parks, and entertainment. The slightly higher house and land prices reflect the superior location and home designs; in fact, you might be surprised at exactly how much you get at the $650,000 starting point!

House and land packages in Cranbourne with no deposit

Cranbourne offers excellent value, stability, and growth. And for those looking to buy a brand new home to call their own, there’s no better way to enter the Cranbourne property market than with a house and land package. Cost-effective, built to your needs, and located in carefully thought out communities, house and land packages are amongst the safest and most profitable investments you can make.

In short, this depends on your personal situation to secure a house and land package, you’ll need to pay a minimum 5% deposit—and depending on your situation and your lender, sometimes more—to secure a loan. Another thing to note is that if you have less than a 20% deposit, you’ll be obliged to take out the lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI), which covers the bank in the same way that a guarantor would. 

Even more so when they’re in such a desirable location such as Cranbourne.