House and Land Packages Doreen

House and Land Packages Doreen - Everything you need to know about purchasing a house and land package in the fast-growing suburb of Doreen.
Landconnect — 14 April 2020

The Melbourne suburb of Doreen was historically its township, but having been slowly enveloped over the last few decades, it’s now very much a part of the Victorian capital. Throughout this change, it has managed to retain a charming rural character, while also offering a more convenient lifestyle, with better amenities and transport links.

Located 28 km northeast of the Melbourne CBD, Doreen’s 20,000+ residents can get into the city centre within an hour by either car or rail. Most have been drawn by the location, the value for money, and the fresh country air, a combination that has proven alluring for singles, young families, and empty-nesters alike.

There are several reasons to move to Doreen, so for many, it’s not a case of ‘should I go?’, but instead of 'what should I buy?’ Today we’ll be looking at home and land packages, which are proving to be an ever more enticing option for buyers in Doreen.

Why buy in Doreen?

Before we look at the house and land options, let’s first look at what the suburb of Doreen serves up, and what property buyers can expect if they invest in property there.

The people

Because of its rural roots, Doreen has always had an overwhelmingly caucasian population, although thanks to its recent transformation into an outer suburb, it is more multicultural than

ever. As of the 2016 census, 81% of residents were born in Australia, and a majority identified as anglo-saxon. Its popularity with young families has also made Doreen quite a growing suburb; the average age of 31 is well below the Australian average of 38.

While Doreen is home to fewer industry professionals than the Victorian or Australian average, it has higher numbers of technicians and tradespeople, a sign that its blue-collar roots remain.

The lifestyle

Located a perfectly convenient 50-minute drive or one-hour train ride (thanks to nearby Mernda Station) from the CBD, Doreen is becoming more and more popular for city workers looking for a safe, relaxed, and roomy place to live.


But there’s no need to leave Doreen at all if you don’t want to. While the eastern half of the suburb is still in its developmental stage, the western half is well established, home to six different schools, plenty of shopping and dining options, and a wealth of recreation opportunities.


Along with nearby Mernda Station, Doreen is part of two major Melbourne bus routes - the 520 and 572 - while residents also have Uber and taxi services available.


But above all that, Doreen is a truly beautiful part of Melbourne. With much of the suburb seeing recent development, beautiful old buildings have been effortlessly integrated into clever modern communities, and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere has been expertly created. A real effort has been made to retain much of the area’s nature, with green spaces found

throughout the suburb.

The property

Recent development has seen Doreen somewhat bucking the trend of the Melbourne housing market. While prices stayed quite stable between 2011 and 2016, they’ve recently seen incredible growth, avoiding the volatility seen elsewhere in the city, particularly in the suburbs closer to the CBD.


Between 2016 and 2019, the average house price went from $450,000 to around $600,000, which, considering Doreen’s sought-after combination of lifestyle and convenience, remains an excellent deal for potential buyers. And for that money, you can expect a good block, and a house with a larger footprint than most in Melbourne.


Melbourne’s north is up there with the west and southeast in terms of development activity, with Doreen and other established hubs best positioned to capitalise on this evolution.

Where to find House and Land packages in Doreen

  • Katandra Rise, Doreen
  • Mernda on the Park, Mernda
  • Acacia Village, Wollert

Whether you’re new to the area or have lived there all your life or you’re raising a young family, a house and land package is an enticing prospect; you’ll get a home built new and to your specifications, often on a large block, and at a fantastic price.

Some of Doreen’s most popular developments include:

Katandra Rise, Doreen

Situated adjacent to the recently completed Laurimar community, and with the Laurimar town centre offering all the modern amenities you could ask for, Katandra Rise is the perfect location to settle down in Doreen. Restaurants and cafes, schools and health care, sporting facilities, and wide-open spaces are all on your doorstep and offered up in a perfectly lush green setting. Register your interest in getting an early look at the house and land packages that will soon be available.

Mernda on the Park, Mernda

Describing itself as Mernda’s newest and most prestigious community, Mernda on the Park is located just west of Doreen, on the other side of the train station. Mernda on the Park does what it says on the packet; surrounded by lush natural parkland, greenery and open spaces are only ever a short walk away. House and land packages in this cleverly designed community can also be picked up for a particularly reasonable price, with three-bedroom homes starting at $475,000, and four-bedroom options available for less than $500,000.

Acacia Village, Wollert

Located in Wollert, 15-minute drive west of Doreen, Acacia Village offers premium living without the price tag. Family and community are in front of mind at Acacia; the development is surrounded by four primary and secondary schools and features a Creek Reserve that gives kids the chance to be kids. And with the three-bedroom house and land packages starting at just over $500,000, this is a life that won’t cost the world!

In a currently unpredictable and unstable Melbourne property market, Doreen is a shining light to buyers ready to invest in property. You’ll find levels of value, growth, and stability here that you won’t find elsewhere, and thanks to the wealth of new house and land developments, in return, you can get a home that you can truly call your own.

There’s no time like the present, as they say, so why not start hunting for your Doreen home now?