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Find the perfect House and Land Packages in Officer for your families needs. Everything you need to know about Officer
Landconnect — 14 April 2020

It’s challenging to find free land in Melbourne’s developed east. Unlike the west, this half of the city has always been a hive of activity. There’s almost no distinction between the city of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula wine region, approximately 100km south.

Officer has long been the exception to this East Melbourne rule. A large chunk of land 48km southeast of the city, surrounded by the established hubs of Narre Warren, Cranbourne, and Pakenham, it’s only been in the last decade that this quiet satellite suburb has caught developers’ eyes. But now that it sits square in the middle of the southeast growth corridor, these developers are doing their best to make up for lost time, with an incredible amount of medium density housing either recently completed, under construction, or in the planning stage.

Much of this housing is being sold in packaged form, so one question is passing through investors’ lips: should I buy a house and land package in Officer?

Why buy in Officer?

Before we focus on house and land packages, let’s first focus on the suburb itself. What will life be like in Officer if you do indeed buy there?

The people

From its establishment by the eponymous family in the 1870s, Officer has always been a sparsely populated place. As of the 2016 census, it was home to a little over 7000 people, although that figure is likely to take a significant jump when the next official count is done.

Officer is a growing suburb - the average age of its residents is just 30, eight years below the national figure. It’s also a predominantly anglo-saxon place, with the bulk of residents identifying themselves as being of Australian or UK descent.

The lifestyle

Wandering around Officer now, you perhaps wouldn’t pick that it’s located as little as a 45-minute drive east of the Melbourne CBD. While the wide-open spaces of the area will eventually be filled by housing and amenities, the suburb has the benefit of being developed far more recently than many of its neighbours. It will boast a particularly modern and convenient layout.


While it’s not yet far into this transformation, Officer already boasts greater levels of infrastructure and amenity than many other satellite suburbs. There are 12 schools in the area and counting, it has five recreational parks and two lit sports grounds, and the Arena Shopping Centre supplies everything that a resident could ever want. The Officer railways station takes commuters to and from the city in less than 30 minutes, and the suburb’s location adjacent to the M1 makes driving around the greater city a breeze.


Add in the health providers, dining, and entertainment options, and you’ve got a complete suburb.

The property

Officer is an area that is going all in on detached housing. There’s not a unit in sight, and only around one in every ten homes is a semi-detached, terraced, or a townhouse.


Officer is one of the few suburbs that seems to have entirely avoided the recent volatility of the Melbourne property market. Beginning in 2014, when the average home sold (quite incredibly) for less than $300,000, Officer has experienced an incredible year on year growth, ending 2019 with an average property price of $550,000. And as the suburb enjoys ever-higher levels of investment, this growth isn’t likely to slow.


It could be argued that Officer is contributing to the growth of the more established suburbs in its vicinity. With the development of Officer going full steam ahead, there appears to be renewed interest in creating new communities in the suburbs like Cranbourne, Berwick, and Pakenham.

Where to find House and Land packages in Officer

  • Arcadia, Officer
  • Minta, Berwick
  • Circa 1886, Clyde North

If you’re looking for a beautiful, cost-effective, and hassle-free way to enter the Officer property market, you can’t go past a house and land package. You’ll get a lovely parcel of land, with an expertly designed and constructed home, all at a fantastic price.

As mentioned above, new construction projects aren’t just concentrated in Officer, but on the outer edges of neighbouring suburbs too.

Arcadia, Officer

Punctuated by Gum Scrub Creek running through its centre, Arcadia promises to be an Officer address that brings a little bit of the country to city life. It also manages to do so is perhaps the most desirable address in Officer - right next to the train station, adjacent to the Princes Freeway. With no less than four different education providers on the premises, you’ll want for nothing at Arcadia. Pricing has thus far been released for terraced housing only, which starts at just $349,000.

Minta, Berwick

Named after the farm that once graced the land on which this new community sits, Minta is situated just up and across the Princes Freeway in nearby Berwick. The original farm has served as a real source of inspiration for this development, with many of the unique features retained to give an airy, relaxed, and natural feel. Convenience, beauty, and opportunity can be secured for a surprisingly low price, with house packages starting at $500,000.

Circa 1886, Clyde North

A masterplan of over 500 lots, house, and land sales in Circa 1886 are now down to the last stages. There’s a reason for the development’s popularity. Located on the border of Clyde North and Berwick, next door to the Minta site, this community offers all the perks of the area for as low as $450,000 for a three-bedroom abode. The elevated ground and gentle undulation of the site help to the development a less developed feel.

There’s almost no more complete a package in the Melbourne property market than that of a house and land package in Officer. You’ll enjoy incredible value for money in an area that will only grow in importance as it develops, and you’ll receive a home built brand new and to your needs.

In a property market currently marred by volatility, a house and land package in Officer is one of the smartest property purchases you can make.