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House and Land Packages in Rockbank - The ultimate guide to finding your dream house and land package in Rockbank
Landconnect — 14 April 2020

It’s odd to think that right now, as Melbourne’s population approaches 5 million and its expanse reaches as far as the Mornington Peninsula, you can still find a small rural township within 30 km of the CBD. Welcome to Rockbank.

A township of 1500 originally established in 1862, it’s fair to say that Rockbank hasn’t changed a whole heap in the century and a half since. But as more and more people take notice of the incredible location, value, and lifestyle it offers, this rural locality probably won’t stay rural much longer. A 35-minute drive or train ride into the centre of Melbourne isn’t precisely a reasonably priced convenience these days - unless you find a gem like Rockbank.

The reasons to move out west are endless, but for those looking to invest in property in this exciting region, is a Rockbank house and land package a smart choice?

Why buy in Rockbank?

To fully understand the investment proposition offered by a house and land package in Rockbank, we first need to know a little bit more about the town itself.

The people

Like most rural communities in Australia, Rockbank has always been an overwhelmingly caucasian township. The one exception is the strong Maltese community, who were initially attracted to the area by its rich volcanic soils, perfect for the cultivation of olives and grapes.

On the back of a robust agricultural industry, this is a town with a mainly blue-collar. The bulk of residents are employed as tradespeople, technicians, machinery operators, and drivers. Rockbank also has a slightly older population than Victoria as a whole - the average age is 40 compared to 37 for the state.

The lifestyle

It could be argued that nowhere in Victoria offers such authentic country living while granting residents such easy access to the city. The direct train ride between Rockbank Station and the Melbourne CBD takes just 35 minutes, and the drive down the M8 can be completed in a similar time. Drive 10 minutes the other way, and you have the 70,000 strong township of Melton, which offers all the amenities that you’ll ever need.


While currently home to the small town basics like a general store, school, cafe, and even a McDonalds, Rockbank is set to become a hub of its own over the coming decade. New communities are popping up everywhere, bringing with them new levels of infrastructure and amenity.


Services and infrastructure put to one side, Rockbank is a charming town. Undulating hills, stone fences, full streets, and friendly locals combine to make this part of the world feel charmingly rural, but without the usual inconveniences of country life.

The property

The outer west of Melbourne is one area that has managed to avoid much of the volatility seen in the local property market in the last couple of years. As recently as 2016, the average price of a house in Rockbank was $340,000, but that figure grew to around $500,000 by the start of 2020.


And with more and more developers and property buyers realising Rockbank’s unique combination of lifestyle and convenience, the value of the area’s property should only strengthen. Buyers currently have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and enjoy prices rarely seen for properties as little as 30 minutes from the CBD.

Where to find House and Land packages in Rockbank

  • Accolade, Rockbank
  • Thornhill Park Estates, Rockbank
  • The Millstone, Strathtulloh

You’ve fallen in love with Rockbank. The next question is not one of if you should move, but instead of what you should move into. In a developing area, house and land packages represent a fantastic option; you get a new home, often on a spacious lot, and, thanks to the efficiency and competitiveness of volume building, you get all this at a fantastic price.

Rockbank house and land packages are offered in a wealth of new developments, including:

Accolade, Rockbank

Directly adjacent to the future town centre of Rockbank, which will quickly become the hub of the surrounding region, Accolade allows new residents to put a marker down on what will soon be the primest of prime real estate. The smart layout of the development, in which a beautiful park will be within a short walk of every home, is proving popular, with release 8C currently on sale. This isn’t a surprise when you learn that a three-bedroom house and land package can be secured for less than $400,000!

Thornhill Park Estates, Rockbank

‘The perfect balance between city appeal and natural wonder’ - that’s the promise of Thornhill Park Estates, and it’s one that it delivers with aplomb. Combining convenience, connection, and community, the development is found on the western border of Rockbank, and will eventually boast its very own train station. Schools, parks, sports fields, and a town centre will also feature in the development, making Thornhill Park the sort of place that you don’t need to leave. But the biggest lure is the price - you can secure a house and land package today for as little as $350,000!

The Millstone, Strathtulloh

Officially a part of Melton South, but in reality closer to Rockbank, The Millstone promises its resident's peace and tranquility under the big skies of Melbourne’s west, but all while being part of the thriving growth corridor. Plans for a new town centre, a local train station, and a wealth of education providers make a property at The Millstone one of the savvier investments a buyer can make in the area. A three-bedroom home with a double garage can be secured for a touch over $450,000.

While much of the rest of the city is mired in volatility, Rockbank offers not just stability, but serious potential for growth. House and land packages in Rockbank are this potential distilled, offering modern, convenient living in thoughtfully planned communities, and all for a price that almost any Melburnian can afford.

All in all, a Rockbank house and land package is one of the safest and savviest property investments a buyer of today can make.