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House and Land Packages in Sunbury - Where to find the best value house and land package in the Sunbury region.
Landconnect — 13 April 2020

Established in 1836 to support the area’s farmers, the Victorian town of Sunbury happily did its own thing for over a century and a half. But lying just 40 km northwest of the Melbourne CBD, it was officially categorised as part of the Victorian capital in 2011, with the new suburb being identified as a potential hub for the fast-developing west.

Easy access to the CBD and cost-effective housing has seen the population of Sunbury explode in recent years. From 25,000 in 2001, it now boasts over 40,000 residents. Many of which have been drawn by the location, the value for money, and the fresh country air.

The reasons to move to Sunbury are many and varied. But for those looking to invest in property there, is a house and land package in Sunbury a wise choice?

Why buy in Sunbury?

Let’s first take a look at the suburb of Sunbury itself, and what you can expect if you decide to invest in property there.

The people

Up until a couple of decades ago, Sunbury was an overwhelmingly caucasian regional hub, but as it has become a part of Greater Melbourne, the demographics have slowly changed. The city is now far more multicultural, although most of the new foreign residents come from New Zealand and the UK.

While ever-improving transport links mean that an increasing number of the now 40,000 residents travel into Melbourne for work. The predominant employers in the area continue to be the manufacturing industry, which has always had a strong presence, and nearby Melbourne airport (a quick 15-minute drive towards the CBD).

The lifestyle

Located a perfectly convenient 40 km/40 minute drive from the CBD, Sunbury’s newfound popularity is perhaps unsurprising. The rail connection is also attractive for potential residents, with the train ride from Sunbury to the centre of the capital taking just 30 minutes. 


But there’s no real need to leave Sunbury at all. Its former status as a standalone township means that Sunburians enjoy a full complement of amenities, from health and education to shopping and dining. Eight primary schools and three well regarded secondary schools dot the area, while a private hospital, a medical centre and a wealth of other health providers ensure the locals stay happy and healthy.


Since officially becoming part of Greater Melbourne, Sunbury has enjoyed an injection of funds for public transport, and currently boasts a public bus network of seven routes which cover almost all of the expansive suburb. Residents can also utilise taxi and Uber services.


But above all that, Sunbury is a charming town. Full of green streets, friendly locals, and generous blocks make this a lovely slice of country life, without the traditional country inconvenience.

The property

Established regional centres are known for the stability of their property markets. Sunbury is no exception and has enjoyed steady growth while avoiding much of the volatility seen closer to the Melbourne CBD.


After a steady year on year growth in the decade before, the average Sunbury house price exploded between 2014 and 2018, going from $370,000 to $550,000. While the market cooled somewhat in 2019, it’s important to note that these recent gains have thus far been retained.


While the properties nearest Sunbury station are understandably the most popular, the improvements to the local public transport system have seen several new communities popping up further out, as well as in nearby suburbs such as Plumpton, Diggers Rest, and Mickleham. Melbourne’s west is currently a hive of development activity, and established centres like Sunbury are best placed to facilitate and capitalise on this growth.

Where to find House and Land packages in Sunbury

  • Kingsfield, Sunbury
  • Bloomdale, Diggers Rest
  • Merrifield, Mickleham

House and land packages offer Sunbury residents both old and new a beautiful and cost-effective way to enter the local property market. You get a brand new home, often on a generous portion of land, and all at a price you can afford.

Several new communities are currently being developed in and around Sunbury, including:

Kingsfield, Sunbury

Kingsfield isn’t one of those developments that squeeze houses into every possible nook and cranny. This community is just that - a community - and with a school, a wealth of parks and green spaces, wetlands, a sports ground and even a bustling town centre, this development offers a fantastic quality of life. Combine these things with rail and highway connectivity to Melbourne, and house and land packages for as little as $370,000, and you’ve got yourself one of the best property investments in Victoria.

Bloomdale, Diggers Rest

A boutique allotment located in nearby Diggers Rest, Bloomdale has been designed with a focus on environmental sustainability, achieving the ‘five-leaf’ EnviroDevelopment certification from UDIA. For residents, this means a green, open, airy, and guilt-free purchase that also happens to be incredibly cost-effective - house and land packages start at just $450,000. And with Diggers Rest recently getting its own train station, you’re as connected to the Melbourne CBD here as you are anywhere.

Merrifield, Mickleham

At Merrifield, they aren’t just building homes or even a community - they’re making a city. East of Sunbury and north of Craigieburn, Merrifield has been envisioned as the new hub of the northwest, a title that it will compete with Sunbury for. It’s off to a great start, with 4000 residents already calling it home, and by 2021 a school, sports reserve, and community centre are all expected to be delivered. What’s more, you can get a four-bedroom home on a generous portion of land for a touch over $400,000!

In a volatile and unpredictable property market, Sunbury offers excellent value, stability, and growth. And for those looking to buy a brand new home to call their own, there’s no better way to enter the Sunbury property market than with a house and land package. Cost-effective, built to your needs, and located in carefully thought out communities, house and land packages are amongst the safest and most profitable investments you can make.

Even more so when they’re in a place like Sunbury.