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Landconnect — 14 April 2020

Settled in the 1830s, the residents of Tarneit have historically walked on four legs rather than two. Up until the 1990s, this area was nothing more than grazing land, despite being located just 25km and a little over a half an hour’s drive west of the Melbourne CBD.

Eventually, Melburnians realised that this location was a little too prime for sheep and cattle, and development began in earnest. By 2016 the population had grown to over 30,000, a number that looks set to double by 2031, and this rapid development and migration has seen the local economy boom. Combine all this with open spaces, fresh country air, and incredibly cost-effective property, and you’ve got what’s fast becoming one of the most desirable areas of Melbourne.

There are a wealth of reasons to make Tarneit your home. But what exact form should your home in Tarneit take? Is a house and land package in Tarneit a smart choice?

Why buy in Tarneit?

Let’s first take a look at Tarneit itself, and what to expect from the satellite suburb if you decide to invest in a house.

The people

Young, fun, and multicultural; the people of Tarneit are a microcosm of Melbourne as a whole. Drawn by space, safety, and affordability, Tarneit has proven alluring to young people looking to start a family. The average age of Tarneit residents is just 29, almost a decade younger than the national average of 38. A little under half of the residents were born in Australia, with the suburb enjoying a strong Indian, Kiwi, Filipino and Pakistani presence.

On the back of a growing local economy, over 60% of Tarneit residents work full time, higher than the Victorian and national averages of 57%. The quick drive or half-hour train ride into the CBD makes Tarneit an enticing destination for city workers too.

The lifestyle

While the highway and rail connections to the Melbourne CBD are significant reasons for Tarneit’s incredible growth, Tarneit’s development now means that there’s no need to leave the suburb. 


Tarneit has all that a resident of a modern city could ask for. Several healthcare providers, eight different schools and colleges, shopping, dining, and a wealth of green spaces are all found on your doorstep. And anything else a resident might require, such as large hospitals and shopping centres, can be found in nearby Werribee, 10-minute drive south.


Public transport has been significantly upgraded in recent years. In 2010 the Wyndham Bus Network was extended to service Tarneit, and the Tarneit railway station - which offers that half-hour service to the city - was opened in 2015. Residents also have taxi and Uber services at their disposal.


But amenities aside, the lifestyle of Tarneit is best encapsulated by its residents: young, vibrant, and multicultural. It’s the sort of place where you get to know your neighbours, say ‘hi’ to people on the street, and spend plenty of time enjoying the outdoors.

The property

New homes on big blocks in carefully planned communities, all at a great price. Tarneit offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy modern city living.


Tarneit, like Melbourne as a whole, experienced steady growth through the 2010s that trailed off ever so slightly at the end of the decade, although not to the degree that was seen in inner-city suburbs. The average house price went from $350,000 in 2012 to $565,000 in 2018, where it hovers to this day.


The expansive dumbbell-shaped suburb has so far seen development in its south and east, but attention is now being turned to its north and west, where several new communities have popped up in the last couple of years. With the west of Melbourne becoming the city’s leading area for development, Tarneit, and other former hubs are in a strong position to both assist in this growth and capitalise on it.

Where to find House and Land packages in Tarneit

  • Marigold, Tarneit 
  • Edgeleigh, Mt Cottrell
  • Ellarook, Truganina

A newly built home, with a backyard, front yard, and garage, all at an incredible price; it’s no surprise that house and land packages are fast becoming the most popular way for buyers to enter the Tarneit property market.

The list of new developments in the Tarneit area is seemingly endless, but some of the biggest and most popular include:

Marigold, Tarneit

Situated on previously untouched grazing land in the north of Tarneit, residents of Marigold have the opportunity to shape the identity of the area for the generations to come. This has been designed as a forever community, a place where residents can start, build, and enjoy their lives. Almost a quarter of the development’s gently rolling landscape has been set aside for natural open spaces, with a beautiful wetland the dominant feature. House and land packages start at just $450,000.

Edgeleigh, Mt Cottrell

On the border of Tarneit and Mt Cottrell to the north, Edgeleigh looks set to be located in the middle of a thriving hub in years to come - the proposed Davis Creek North shopping centre and Tarneit West train station will add serious value to properties into the future, while the wealth of existing amenities and the airy openness make life particularly rosy in the meantime. Act now to secure an Edgeleigh house and land package for under $500,000.

Ellarook, Truganina

Bordering the eastern side of Tarneit, Truganina is proving to be every bit as popular as a destination in the fast-developing west. Ellarook perfectly encapsulates the ambition, excitement, and inspiration of the area, with the development designed to offer residents the best opportunities to live, learn, play, and connect. And who could say no to a three-bedroom house, 25 minutes from the city, for under $550,000?

Located in the middle of an area that promises sustained and robust growth for decades to come, a house and land package in Tarneit is one of the wisest and safest investments a property buyer can make. By securing your property now, you’ll ensure that you get in on the ground floor, and enjoy the added value to come as the area develops into a powerhouse of the west.

Put simply; there’s no better time than now to shop for a house and land package in Tarneit.