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Landconnect — 17 December 2020

Werribee is a community of contrasts. It’s part city and part suburb – a place intimately connected to Melbourne, but with an energy all its own.

To the east, you’re met with the coast of Point Cook, while the west serves up open plains that stretch all the way to Melton. For a township of 40,000 found just 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, Werribee has a distinctly rural vibe.

This unique and perfectly alluring array of features has turned Werribee and the surrounding area into a favourite of new home buyers. Nowhere else offers quite the same combination of convenience, liveability and value, a fact that has led to the recent explosion of estates in the area.

Werribee represents the ideal home for a vast array of buyers. But where in the Werribee area should you be aiming? Which estates best suit your needs? And what type of home should you be buying?

In this article we’ll look to answer all those questions and more.

About Werribee

Situated on its namesake river and hugged by the Princes Freeway that leads down to Geelong, Werribee is found just 30km from the Melbourne CBD, a drive that can be completed in as little as half an hour.

This is a vibrant community with a proud history. Gaining its name from the indigenous word for spine, farming formed the backbone of the local economy for the longest time. Werribee Park, the mansion that is the community’s most famous tourist attraction, was built as the home of wealthy pastoralist Thomas Chirnside, who bought 320km² of the surrounding land in the mid-1800s.

Fast forward to today, and you have a community that has slowly merged with the ever-expanding Victorian capital, but that retains real rural charm.

Top 3 Features in Werribee


Unlike other satellite suburbs, Werribee is a large and established community. Shop at Pacific Werribee, learn at dozens of public and private schools, and enjoy incredible public transport connections that will get you wherever you need to go, and in good time.


With city on one side and country on the other, weekends can be whatever you want them to be when you call Werribee home. Head into the CBD for a night on the town, drive less than an hour to Torquay and the surf coast, or stay local and check out Werribee Open Range Zoo or Shadowfax Winery.


The best part? This rather complete package can be snapped up at surprisingly low price, particularly if you take up the special offers being advertised by estates to the north of the community.

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House and Land Packages Near Werribee

While central Werribee has long been established, house and land packages can be found in the estates that continue to pop up in the surrounding areas. Here is a selection of the most compelling new home opportunities.

House and land packages Wyndham Vale

A suburb found a stone’s throw from the heart of Werribee, Wyndham Vale is well on its way to becoming a city in its own right.


Almost all estates have parks and playgrounds. Many have conservation areas. A few feature town centres and malls. None have their own waterpark. Ticking all these boxes and more, Jubilee is, in a word, complete: 77ha of incredible parks and wetlands, 23ha of sporting fields, 1.5km of frontage on the Werribee River, Australia’s first private indoor waterpark, and a future 8000m² town centre are just a handful of the highlights.

Manor Lakes

Another estate-cum-suburb, Manor Lakes proves that with size comes choice. A number of different neighbourhoods each offer a different flavour of modern estate living, from family-friendly Lollipop Hill to the opulent Lakeside. With 55ha of communal space, the tens of thousands of eventual residents will enjoy plenty of room to breathe.


10 minutes northwest of Werribee, Wynbrook melds country living and city convenience in a way that few other estates are able to match. A 27-minute train ride offers direct access to the city, while a strong and vibrant community spirit and a wealth of parks and playgrounds make this a perfectly relaxed and family-friendly place to call home.

House and land packages Werribee South

Found right where you’d expect, a home in Werribee South will place you in the centre of it all.

King’s Leigh

Announcing itself as the most prestigious address in Melbourne’s west, King’s Leigh is more than just talk. 37ha of space, every avenue lined with gorgeous trees, and the general feel of a quaint European village makes this the most charming of estates. Add in the fact that building here places you just 30km from the Melbourne CBD, and you have upmarket living attainable for all.


3km from the Werribee city centre, and a 35-minute drive to both the Melbourne and Geelong CBDs – as far as location goes, Riverwalk could argue it has the best in the area. Here you’ll be surrounded by all the health providers, schools, shopping, dining and entertainment options you could ever hope for.


A prestigious and exclusive development of just 274 homes, this EnviroDevelopment-certified community plans to become the forever home of its residents, and as such has its eyes set firmly on the future. The direct access to Werribee Mansion, Werribee Park and Werribee Open Range Zoo, and the on-site green spaces and retail amenities, certainly help that cause.

House and land packages Point Cook

Head due east from Werribee, and after 15 minutes you’ll be hit with the fresh, salty air of the coast. Welcome to beautiful Point Cook.

Saltwater Coast

With the untouched beauty of Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary on its doorstep, Saltwater Coast needs no help in selling itself. Building here will see you enjoy relaxed bayside living, in an estate that offers all the services and amenity that your heart could desire, and all in a family-friendly setting overflowing with community spirit.

House and land packages Tarneit

An up-and-comer in the Werribee area, the northern suburb of Tarneit is transforming from rural to residential in quick time.


Edgeleigh is an estate that you’d perhaps expect to see in a smaller city than Melbourne – it grants easy, 30 minute access to the CBD, offers generous blocks at great prices, and is the sort of place where you wouldn’t think twice about asking your neighbour for a cup of sugar.

Grand Central

Grand Central is not an estate that cuts corners – here you’ll find exclusive, luxurious living, with outdoor amenities for all. The designer homes are beautiful, but the real stars of this development are found outdoors. The shared spaces are, in a word, stunning. Expertly landscaped, they are replete with art and sculpture - a cost that not many developers can tend to justify, but that this estate thankfully has. The best bit? The high-end feel doesn’t come with the high-end loan repayments!


If the three most crucial checkboxes in the hunt for your new home are convenience, nature and value, look no further than Habitat. Dominated by picturesque Davis Creek, which carves a path straight through the centre of the community, this is a golden investment opportunity for anyone 

who loves getting active in the great outdoors.

House and land packages Melton

A degree further removed from Melbourne, Melton today is what Werribee has been in decades past.


Atherstone is big. It will eventually be home to around 15,000, and will offer on-site services and amenities to match, including shopping, dining, health, and no less than three on-premise schools (and two more education providers nearby). What’s more, a quarter of the land is set aside as open space including a monstrous 100ha regional park. It’s the complete modern life, built from the ground up for residents.

Exford Waters

Exford Waters is a truly unique proposition - tranquillity with a capital T. The open plains that characterise the west of Melbourne are left behind for the sound of birdlife, the sway of eucalypts and gorgeous riverfront views. And all this is located just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Melton and a 40-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD.


A case could be made that Opalia offers the best value house and land packages in the west of Melbourne. A beautiful location near the Werribee River paired with an extensive list of future services and amenities means that this particular bargain won’t be offered for long, but for those who manage to capitalise on it, an enviable lifestyle awaits.

Display Homes Werribee

Having settled on the Werribee area as your preferred community, and having found an estate that delivers the perfect lifestyle, the next step is to find the house and land package that will become your home.

Shopping display homes can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you haven’t built or bought before. But it needn’t be. No matter whether you inspect an on-site display home, or visit an off-site display village, keep the following in mind:

  • Know your budget: And stick to it. Your lender or broker will give you an idea of the loan repayments you can afford – set that figure in stone, and don’t be tempted to go over it.
  • Don’t be shy: Ask questions, no matter how silly they might sound in your head. This is the biggest purchase of your life, after all, and in truth there’s no such thing as a silly question.
  • Do your research: Lean towards the builders that have the best reputation.
  • Consider your block: And how your preferred home will fit on it.

Enjoy the process: Building your home should be fun