House and land Packages Wollert

House and Land Packages Wollert - Everything you need to know about House and Land Packages in the fast developing northern suburb of Wollert
Landconnect — 14 April 2020

A Woiwurrung word meaning ‘where possums abound,’ it’s perhaps unsurprising that Wollert treats its residents to a healthy dose of nature. Located 26 km from the Melbourne CBD in the fast-developing North, Wollert has managed to retain much of the grazing pasture that initially helped to establish it as a regional hub, giving the suburb - now part of Greater Melbourne - an open, airy and fresh feel.

Property prices around Wollert have experienced almost unparalleled growth over the past five years. The population of Wollert is expected to swell in the coming years as a result of its value, safety, and lifestyle that the suburb offers.

Wollert (along with the rest of Melbourne’s north) is fast becoming the place to be. But for potential property buyers in the area, is a house and land package in Wollert the way to go?

Why buy in Wollert?

Before we look specifically at house and land packages in Wollert, let’s take a look at what life is like in the suburb itself.

The people

In the 2016 census, the population of Wollert sat at 9000. Although, this number has since risen comfortably past 10,000 on the back of many new communities and developments. 

The suburb is particularly multicultural, with less than half of the locals born in the country, and more claiming Indian ancestry than Australian. Wollert also has strong Italian, Macedonian, and Sri Lankan communities, but it’s how all of these cultures mingle and meld into one that is the real allure; Wollert is the best of multicultural Australia condensed into a single community.

The lifestyle

While still largely undeveloped, Wollert offers all of life’s modern amenities. And anything that the suburb lacks can be found in the more developed neighbouring suburbs of Epping and Craigieburn.


Surprisingly, such an open suburb as Wollert exists so close to the city. The 25 km drive into the Melbourne CBD takes between 35 and 60 minutes, depending on the time of day you attack it.


It can be said that public transport links aren’t as strong here as elsewhere - A peak hour trip to the city centre may take over an hour. So a car is a must if you do not work locally. 


But above all else, Wollert is known for its airy openness. Picturesque streets and friendly locals make this a distinctly country slice of city life, but with all the convenience you’d expect from a modern suburb. These traits make Wollert an ever more popular option for young families looking for a safe and wholesome place to call home.

The property

As a very general rule, the further from the Melbourne city centre you were in the last few years, the more stable the property market. Thus Wollert has not just weathered the recent volatility well; it has enjoyed real growth when other Melbourne markets were going backwards.


Over the last half a decade, the yearly growth of Wollert property prices has been unrelenting. Beginning in 2014, when the average house price sat at $350,000, Wollert hasn’t taken a backwards step, and in 2019 that average had risen to $580,000.


While the properties in the established southeast of the suburb are understandably the most popular, the new communities popping up on the former grazing land further out offer incredible value. Melbourne’s north is becoming an ever more enticing option for developers, and Wollert, Beveridge, Wallan, Craigieburn, and other established centres are best placed to capitalise on this interest.

Where to find House and Land packages in Wollert

  • Acacia Village, Wollert
  • Timbarra Estate, Beveridge
  • Wallanbrae, Wallan

And so we come to house and land packages. Brand new, generously proportioned, and incredibly cost-effective, these packages are fast becoming the number one choice for buyers looking to enter the Melbourne property market. Several new communities are currently being developed in and around Wollert, including:

Acacia Village, Wollert

Offering premium living in a development designed with community in mind, Acacia Village is one for the families. Surrounded by four primary and secondary schools, and featuring a Creek Reserve that allows kids to be kids, this community puts a firm focus on the quality of life. And with a three-bedroom house and land packages starting at just over $500,000, it’s a life that won’t cost the world!

Timbarra Estate, Beveridge

Fifteen minutes further north from the grazing plains of Wollert, the gently sloping hills of Beveridge are home to Timbarra Estate. This development is one for those who prize the fresh country air, with the community nestled amongst acres of greenery, but also those who also appreciate the convenience because despite being further north, the Hume Highway offers commuters a trip to the centre of town that takes as little as 40 minutes. House and land packages start at just $420,000.

Wallanbrae, Wallan

Smart living. That’s the promise offered by Wallanbrae, a generously proportioned community a 20-minute drive north of Wollert, but still as little as 45 minutes from the CBD. As an established community, Wallan brings all the amenities that you’d expect, and a few that you may not - a comprehensive local bus service connects the suburb, and schools, childcare, health services, and community centres all sit on your doorstep. The soon to be announced, house and land packages promise to offer some of the best value in Melbourne.

The sustained growth of Wollert is the envy of the rest of Melbourne, and it’s far from done yet. In house and land packages property buyers gain access to this high growth area at a fantastic price, and in return, receive a brand new home, built to their needs, located in a perfectly laid out community.

A house and land package is arguably an attractive way to enter the Wollert property market.