Ashbury Estate

About Ashbury

Ashbury announces itself as ‘the best of town and country’, and it’s hard to argue with their summation. This boutique community is equidistant from the beach and the Geelong CBD - a quick 15-minute drive to each - while also offering almost endless amenity right there on site. Plans for 30ha of open space, 18km of hike and bike trails, as well as childcare, education, retail and dining options make this development the complete package.

Why buy in Ashbury

A tight-knit and inclusive community nestled in the very heart of Armstrong Creek, Ashbury couldn’t have split the difference between the Geelong CBD and the beaches of Torquay any better, which makes this a truly desirable location for those looking for work/life balance. And with the surrounding area set to explode in the coming years, a property here looks set to become a real blue-chip investment.

Match House and Land in Ashbury Estate