Warralily Estate

About Warralily

Situated between the vibrant and dynamic city of Geelong and the relaxed vibes of the surf coast, for the residents of Warralily life is whatever you make it. This incredible place is more its own city than an estate, bringing an eye-watering list of highlights; Warralily Village Shopping Centre (featuring a Woolworths, gym and a number of specialty retailers), a massive 82ha of parklands, conservation reserves and open spaces, and a childcare centre, kindergarten and three future schools will all be located on-site.

Why buy in Warralily

A community that has it all, both within its borders and without. If you’re looking for a complete and ready-made lifestyle - not just one that offers all the necessary amenities, but that also lets you enjoy the dynamism of modern city life and the beauty of southern Australia - then Warralily is the ideal choice.