Beveridge Central Estate

Located in the open, rolling pastures to the north of Melbourne, despite being just 44km from the CBD Beveridge is a town that has managed to retain a distinctly rural charm. One of the best value investments in all of Melbourne, generous lots of 252m2 to 392m2 offer absolutely incredible affordability. Beveridge Central also delivers on lifestyle, with a supermarket, child care centre and specialty shops all on site, and schools, public transport and recreation just minutes away.

18 Lithgow Street, Beveridge VIC, Australia

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Why buy in Beveridge Central

In Beveridge Central the simplicity, charm and friendliness of the country has been elegantly captured in a cleverly planned community that is at once traditional and modern, convenient and perfectly removed. Here you get friendly with the neighbours, let kids be kids, and are given space to breathe. It’s an idyllic lifestyle, and thanks to the development’s market-leading affordability, one that is more than likely within your reach!

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Beveridge Central Suburb Profile

40km north of the Melbourne CBD as the crow flies, as little as 45 minutes by car, Beveridge is a rural locality that is only just realising how desirable its location is. For the longest time this community was known for one thing: being the birthplace of Ned Kelly. While Kelly’s childhood home still stands, other more recent additions to the town are stealing some of its limelight. With established communities within an hour of the CBD becoming the hottest of hot property, Beveridge is beginning to experience real population growth, fuelled by estates like Beveridge Central and The Clan. With greater headcount comes greater convenience and amenity; shopping, education, healthcare and transport developments are all in the works, and the sprawling Merrifield Business Park, set to add tens of thousands of jobs to the area, is less than 10 minutes south. But don’t worry – Beveridge won't be giving up its country charm any time soon.