Ploughmans Arms Estate

Located in the southern reaches of the Ballarat West Growth Area, a short 10-minute drive from the centre of town, Ploughmans Arms Estate is a historic farm granted new life as a home to hundreds of Ballarat families. If the name brings visions of an old pub, you’d be right, as along with the farm, the land was also the site of the Ploughmans Arms Hotel, which served the local area for over a century from the mid-1800s.

Clydesdale Drive, Bonshaw Victoria 3352, Australia

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Why buy in Ploughmans Arms

Ploughmans Arms is the archetypal semi-rural estate - big sky, big blocks and big value - but without the travel times of a semi-rural Melbourne property. Indeed, with the CBD of the Victorian capital just over an hour away, you're as close to Melbourne here as you are in many of its satellite suburbs. In the immediate area, you’ll be surrounded by 21ha of parklands, wetlands and reserves, as well as a wealth of future infrastructure, including indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, commercial hubs and many other community assets.

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Ploughmans Arms Suburb Profile

Bonshaw has made the switch from open land to a modern community in particularly quick time. Found a 10-minute drive south of Ballarat Central, this was a farming community of just 200 people as recently as 2016. Having been designated a growth area of Ballarat, Bonshaw has since welcomed thousands of new residents who have taken the opportunity to move into a number of fantastically priced estates, such as Ploughmans Arms. A suburb that pays homage to its rural roots, here you’ll enjoy big skies, room to move, and a nod to the nature that originally made this area so prosperous. While the proximity to the centre of Ballarat is obviously a selling point, the suburban amenity may soon render trips to the city pointless – shopping, education and entertainment offerings are just some of what Bonshaw has in the works. If you want equal parts city and country, look no further.