Ramlegh Springs Estate

The gently undulating terrain of Clyde North offers the perfect setting for Ramlegh Springs, a new community that is at once relaxed and dynamic. This estate, located a 50-minute drive down the Princes Freeway from the Melbourne CBD, is dominated by local wetlands around which the development has been carefully built. Boardwalks wind across and over the water, making this a perfectly tranquil home for singles, families and retirees alike.

33 Pattersons Road, Clyde North VIC, Australia

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Why buy in Ramlegh Springs

Parks, a town centre, schools, sports grounds; you name it, Ramlegh Springs, has got it. But it’s the less common features that really make this development stand out. Along with picturesque, sprawling wetlands, Ramlegh Springs features free bespoke landscaping on eligible homes, a medical centre, and a major on-site supermarket. It’s a complete city lifestyle, offered at an almost regional price.

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Ramlegh Springs Suburb Profile

Located within Melbourne’s southeast growth corridor, a stone’s throw from the Princes Freeway and all the access it grants to the city and surrounding areas, Clyde North find itself at the juncture of the suburbs and the country. With a history dating back to 1864, it’s only been in the 21st century that this community has hit its stride. But with the likes of Ramlegh Springs, The New Bloom, St Germain, Aspen on Clyde, Delaray, Clydevale, Orana, Smiths Lane and Meridian estates attracting thousands to the area, it is fast transforming from natural wetlands to a modern and beautiful place to call home. Nature still permeates the suburb, with cleverly designed estates making the most of their natural assets and a ‘green wedge’ designated as a market gardening and dairy farming area, but a layer of convenience and amenity is now offered on top. And with the Melbourne CBD as little as 50 minutes down the road, Clyde North offers easy access to those who need it.