Bella Clyde Estate

Found in Clyde, 50-minutes drive southeast of the Melbourne CBD, Bella is a boutique development that makes the most of its natural assets. Unfurled over beautiful wetlands, residents are offered the opportunity to walk, ride, read or relax on the generous banks or in the succession of parks. A mix of townhomes and house and land packages cater to all manner of buyers, from young families to retirees.

359 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Clyde VIC 3978, Australia

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Why buy in Bella Clyde

Bella, Italian for beautiful. The name of this estate couldn’t be simpler, nor could it be more accurate. A community that has been meticulously planned around an expansive waterway, this is a development that is at one with its surroundings, offering a tangible sense of peace and tranquillity to those lucky enough to live there. If you’re seeking a community that offers balance, you won’t find better.

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Bella Clyde Suburb Profile

Since its establishment in 1864, Clyde has always teetered on the cusp of suburbia. But recently it has leant into it, and the thousands of new residents flooding the area are glad it has. Found 48km southeast of the Melbourne CBD, as little as a 50-minute drive thanks to the Princes Freeway, here you’ll still find open plains replete with waterways, while also noting an ever-increasing level of convenience, thanks to the wealth of amenity that is being added to the area. Bella Clyde estate and others are helping to sustain this incredible growth, but Clyde itself is the major drawcard. Greenery, water and wildlife are par for the course here, and developers have thankfully recognised what they’ve got, designing communities that are at one with the surrounding landscaping instead of bulldozing over it. Add in some of Melbourne’s best prices, and you’ve got a very compelling proposition.