Eliston Estate

About Eliston

Eliston is an encapsulation of Melbourne’s modern southeast. Located in Clyde, in a designated growth corridor of the city, residents can expect to be in the centre of the action in years to come. You’ll find yourself nestled amongst a host of amenities, including sports facilities, education providers, and a large and vibrant town centre. The Melbourne CBD remains under an hour away, a straight shot up the Princes Highway.

Why buy in Eliston

Eliston has been designed as a place where a family can make a life for itself and has been developed from day one with this goal in mind. It features a healthy serving of family-friendly amenities, including an on-site primary school, three distinct parklands, and bike lanes linking every street. The sizeable town centre is set to become the community’s piece de resistance, with plentiful opportunities for shopping, dining, and fun.

Match House and Land in Eliston Estate