Caledonia Estate

About Caledonia

Draped across the fertile earth between Epping and Craigieburn, Wollert is set to become just as important a hub as its neighbours. Caledonia is a boutique estate of 250 homes in the very heart of this blossoming area, and offers residents a perfectly exclusive, intimate and natural lifestyle. Located 23km north of the CBD, here you can experience unabashed nature while also enjoying all the amenity that a modern life demands.

Why buy in Caledonia

Still largely undeveloped, Wollert is home to beautiful nature, and Caledonia has been designed to utilise and enhance the natural beauty, rather than replace it. An adjoining conservation area, many times larger than the development itself, grants residents the opportunity to feel as though they’re on a country retreat, rather than a short drive north of the city centre.

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