Bloomdale Estate

Nestled amongst the heritage and natural beauty of Diggers Rest, a semi-rural hub of open earth and big blue skies 35 minutes northwest of Melbourne, Bloomdale promises to bring a splash of modernity to a charming and tranquil area. Located at the heart of an established community, here you’ll have everything that a modern suburbanite would expect to enjoy, as well as a level of tranquillity and natural beauty that most would not.

1 Hero Street, Diggers Rest VIC 3427, Australia

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Why buy in Bloomdale

This is country living with more than a splash of convenience. If rural living has always called to you, but personal or professional circumstances have meant that you need to stay within striking distance of the city, Bloomdale is built for you. Here you can have a relaxing life on a generous block, while still enjoying half-hour access to the CBD. Bloomdale sees the dream of many become a reality.

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Bloomdale Suburb Profile

Imagine living as little as 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, but in a country town totally divorced from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Diggers Rest was originally established as a way station for prospectors journeying to the goldfields. That welcoming rural charm has somehow managed to survive the subsequent 150+ years, even as Melbourne expanded, highways carved through the landscape and modernity replaced tradition. Now a town of a few thousand, but still surrounded by farmland, estates like Bloomdale have granted homebuyers the opportunity to join this unique community. The developments have also brought comfort, amenity and fun to this outpost, while Diggers Rest Train Station offers easy access to the Melbourne CBD for those who’d rather leave their car at home. For a slice of authentic country life, but one that brings the heart of Melbourne within easy reach, look no further.