Kallo Estate

Located on prime land in the fast-growing north, Kallo is wedged between Donnybrook Station to the east and the future Merrifield Business Park to the west. It grants buyers the opportunity to put a marker down in a place that will only become more dynamic and vibrant in years to come. The development itself wants for nothing, with a town centre, community centre, primary school and nature reserve all found on-site.

Design Way & Dwyer St, Kalkallo Victoria 3064, Australia

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Why buy in Kallo

Situated in the vibrant heartland of the north, an area currently awash with development, Kallo looks set to capitalise on the endless opportunities that the area will soon be serving up. It’s right next door to Merrifield Business Park, Victoria’s most extensive commercial development that promises to create 35,000 jobs. It’s equally close to Donnybrook Station, which offers a 33 minute express service to the city. And with its open plan and wealth of green spaces, it wraps up this convenience in an almost rural package.

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Kallo Suburb Profile

Kalkallo is in the midst of an upheaval. In 2015 this was a town of a few streets, a service station and a pub. Now it is arguably the most development-heavy suburb in all of Melbourne, thanks to its recent inclusion in Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary, and its position next to Merrifield Business Park, a complex that will generate 20,000 jobs for the local area. The wide open spaces of Kalkallo were part of the lure, as was its position just 30km due north of the Melbourne CBD. In truth this was always an area ripe for development, it was not a matter of if but when. But despite the recent action, Kalkallo has so far managed to retain its rural charm – big blocks, big skies and friendly people are its trademark, a fact that estates like Kallo are committed to honouring.