Little Creek Estate

About Little Creek

A boutique community to the north of the established hub of Melton, Little Creek is a small development with a big heart. Located in Melbourne’s west, a 45-minute drive from the CBD (or a quick 32-minute train ride from nearby Melton station), Little Creek is an estate combining a rural feel with big city connectedness. The name comes from the creek that carves its way through the development, adding beautiful wetlands to the grounds.

Why buy in Little Creek

A touch over 100 families will eventually call this intimate estate home, and all can expect to enjoy the perks that come with the size; there’s a warmth, togetherness and sense of community spirit here that can be difficult to find in other, larger estates. Add the fact that it’s close to all the necessary amenities, a smooth ride from the city, and a beautiful place to be, and you’ve got yourself an attractive package.