Coridale Estate

Coridale is a truly unique proposition for home buyers. Located in Lara, 20 minutes north of the Geelong city centre, 50 minutes southwest of the Melbourne CBD, and just across the road from Avalon Airport, this is an area that effortlessly mixes connectedness with wide-open spaces. Coridale itself almost offers the feel of a holiday resort; six precincts act as distinct, close-knit communities, while Club Coridale, with a pool, a gym, a community centre and sports facilities, brings all the development’s residents together.

155 Patullos Rd, Lara VIC 3212, Australia

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Why buy in Coridale

If you want a life away from the rat race, but not entirely disconnected from it, Coridale is a tempting prospect. Built with families in mind, this estate truly does make its residents feel like they’re on a never-ending holiday. And surrounded by hills and open greenery, you’ll enjoy a level of peace and tranquillity here that other estates might struggle to match.

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Coridale Suburb Profile

A 15km drive north of Geelong, amongst golf courses, greenery and wetland reserves, Lara offers home buyers an escape from the rat race of Victoria’s major cities. This once historic town has slowly transformed into a city of 15,000, and is now home to a number of communities designed around a deep appreciation of nature. Coridale and Manzeene Village estates are prime examples, where land that could’ve been used for endless residences has instead been devoted to greenery and community. With Geelong 15 minutes one way, Melbourne as little as 45 the other, and Avalon Airport on your doorstep, escape is within easy reach here. but the delights of Lara are such that you may never want to leave – forests, parks, creeks and coast, all ready for singles, couples and families to enjoy and explore. At Lara you can build a life of true balance.