Manzeene Village Estate

About Manzeene Village

Found 20 minutes north of the Geelong CBD, and 55 minutes southwest of the Melbourne city centre, Manzeene Village bridges the gap between two of Australia’s most dynamic cities. It does so while offering residents that most traditional of Australian lifestyles; the large block, nature, the family friendliness and the community spirit. Botanic parklands, which draw heavy inspiration from the surrounding landscape, run the entire length of the development.

Why buy in Manzeene Village

It’s interesting comparing Melbourne’s overly developed east to its far more open west. In the equivalent location southeast of Melbourne, you’ll find rather pricey and often cramped developments in built-up areas. Manzeene Village is the same distance from the capital (while also being just outside Victoria’s second city) and is a comparatively open, natural, tranquil and cost-effective option. The choice of east or west is really no choice at all!

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