Kinley Estate

Located in Lilydale, 35km east of the Melbourne CBD, Kinley is a rare new development on this side of the Victorian capital. This large estate will eventually be the site of endless amenity, with on-site schools, parks, a village centre and even a train station all proposed. A suburb in and of itself, Kinley will offer the ultimate modern suburban lifestyle to all who call it home.

4 Melba Ave, Lilydale VIC 3140, Australia

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Why buy in Kinley

Announcing itself as the last major parcel of land to be developed this side of Melbourne, Kinley sees itself as the completion of Melbourne’s east. In this way, it represents the last opportunity for homebuyers to secure an estate home in what has historically been the city’s most popular area, and what an opportunity it is. Along with all the amenities listed above, this is simply a gorgeous place to call home, with uninterrupted views of the Dandenong Ranges able to be enjoyed from the front door of many of the abodes.

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Kinley Suburb Profile

Found in the northeast corner of Melbourne’s rural-urban fringe, Lilydale is a charming community of leafy greenery and friendly faces. Located in the bosom of the Yarra Valley, it began as a small township in 1860, but over time became increasingly connected to the ever-expanding city of Melbourne. It nonetheless has managed to retain its small town charm, with a cute main street, a number of stunning parks, and a host of gorgeous B&Bs helping to bring visitors in. Even new developments, like Kinley estate, seek to retain the village feel, all tree-lined streets, lush parks and communal spaces. The level of amenity reflects how established this part of Melbourne is, with education, healthcare, shopping, transport and entertainment all within easy reach. Lilydale is where you live when you don’t want to feel like you’re in a city of five million, but circumstances mean that you need to be.