Ballymanus Estate

About Ballymanus

The connected life awaits at Ballymanus, in the blossoming west of one of Australia’s most historic and vibrant cities, Ballarat. Despite being just a ten-minute drive from the very centre of town, the grounds of the community feel so much more natural and tranquil than that, thanks largely to the presence of four hectares of parklands, three hectares of wetlands, and wide, tree-lined streets. An education hub and community centre are also planned for the site, which will eventually be home to hundreds of families.

Why buy in Ballymanus

Ballymanus has been designed for families. The convenient location, the wealth of playgrounds and green spaces, the on-site school; this is a place where families can grow together safely and happily. As a regional development, you can also expect to find that your money goes further here than it does closer to Melbourne; generous blocks and architecturally designed homes can be snapped up for the price of a pokey inner-city apartment, only adding to the family-friendliness of the estate.

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