Lucas Estate

This isn’t just a new estate - it’s an entirely new suburb. Located seven kilometres west of Ballarat, Lucas is the city’s largest master-planned community; a place where you don’t just live, but where you can work, rest and play too. Over 1500 families have already chosen Lucas as their new home, and thousands more will follow. With an education precinct, a town centre and community hub, and too many parks, playgrounds and green spaces to count, the popularity of Lucas is perhaps unsurprising.

180 Eleanor Drive, Lucas VIC 3350, Australia

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Why buy in Lucas

It’s exceedingly rare for such a landmark community to be built so close to a city, but at just 10 minutes’ drive from the historic centre of Ballarat, Lucas combines master-planned living with incredible levels of convenience. There may not be any need to travel into the city centre at all though, as Lucas offers every amenity that a modern lifestyle demands, and quite a few extra!

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Lucas Suburb Profile

In 2011, when Ballarat realised it needed room to expand, it had to look no further than the prime land available in its untouched west. Beyond Alfredton there sat an expanse of farmland just a ten-minute drive from the city centre, and large enough that it could play host to no fewer than 14,000 families. Thus Lucas was born. In the subsequent decade the new suburb has gone from strength to strength, its growth driven by the likes of Lucas estate. Thousands of families have settled here, enjoying features like the $2.6 million district park, $5 million community centre, and 6500m2 of retail space. Clever masterplanning make this a walkable, communal and incredibly safe place, and all within a short drive of Ballarat Central. With amenity only set to increase into the future, a property purchase in Lucas also looks set to become a blue chip investment for those wise enough to take the plunge.