Stonehill Estate

About Stonehill

As Melbourne has grown, Bacchus Marsh has become an enticing option for home buyers looking for a cost-effective purchase while still retaining easy access to the city. Stonehill meets that demand in a charming, family-friendly package. Rising above the surrounding area to offer commanding views, Stonehill offers modern city living in a distinctly country setting.

Why buy in Stonehill

While Stonehill is 50km away from the Melbourne city centre, the connections from Bacchus Marsh to Melbourne are better than those of suburbs half that distance—a 40-minute express train or a 45-minute drive will get you downtown. Meanwhile, the perks of living out of suburbia are obvious; cleaner air, more space, better value, and tangible community spirit are just a few. As an area famous for its produce, Bacchus Marsh offers residents the freshest of food, and you can always guarantee that it’ll be served with a smile.