Windermere Estate

A sizeable development in Mambourin, on the western edge of Werribee, Windermere will be set amongst 50ha of reserves, wetlands, parks and recreation areas. Plans for the estate include four different schools, a number of sporting precincts and a town centre, where the estate is aiming to create a charming village feel. Windermere will be made up of six separate residential neighbourhoods, helping to generate a real sense of community within each part of the development.

275 Greens Road, Mambourin VIC 3024, Australia

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Why buy in Windermere

While the land to the west of Werribee has thus far seen minimal development, Windermere is a confident step towards modernisation. It’s less an estate than it is its own city, and while construction is completed local residents will want for nothing, with all the amenities of Werribee found just down the road. Indeed the Melbourne CBD is surprisingly close, just a 40 minute drive or 30 minute train ride from Wyndham Vale Station, 2km north of the development.

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Windermere Suburb Profile

At the time of the 2016 census, the population of Mambourin stood at a grand total of four. But in years to come, as the likes of Windermere estate begin to bring life to this previously ignored patch of earth, the population is expected to grow to around 18,000, an increase of no less than 450,000%. Suffice it to say that if you’re looking to invest in a high-growth area, there’s none higher growing than Mambourin. A newly formed suburb to the southwest of Werribee, here you’re placed in an absolutely prime location – the Melbourne CBD is as little as 35 minutes one way, and the Geelong CBD is 35 minutes the other. The large, level lots of the area are begging to be built upon, which the suburb’s estates promise to do in a contemporary and family-friendly way. What’s more, residents will enjoy a life with the established amenity of Wyndham Vale and Manor Lakes on their doorstep.