Merrifield Estate

About Merrifield

Merrifield is arguably Melbourne’s most ambitious urban planning project; one that is set to deliver a proxy CBD to the currently open plains in the north of the city. When complete, Merrifield will be five times larger than the Melbourne CBD, will be home to 25,000 people, and will include Merrifield Business Park, a source of 35,000 new jobs. This development is a game-changer.

Why buy in Merrifield

If you want to put a flag in high growth ground, there’s no better opportunity than Merrifield. Currently, 5000 families have made the call, and all of them can expect a healthy return on investment. As the area grows & develops, it will add convenience, amenity and value to your home, with multiple schools, transport links, health providers, community centres, commercial precincts and communal spaces in the works.

Match House and Land in Merrifield Estate