Waratah Estate

About Waratah

Situated in the blossoming suburb of Mickleham, 30km north of the Melbourne CBD, Waratah is set to find itself right in the thick of things. Sandwiched between the proposed Mickleham Town Centre, with its shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities, and Mount Ridley Woodlands Conservation Reserve, all stunning nature and winding trails, this is modern suburban living at its finest. Add in the proximity to Merrifield Business Park, which is set to generate 35,000 jobs for the area, and Waratah becomes the complete package.

Why buy in Waratah

Amenity to the north, nature to the south, and opportunity just down the road to the east. If you’re looking for the most future-proof property purchase in all of Melbourne, you may well have found it in Waratah. Sports grounds and a smattering of small parks dot the estate, making the on-site experience just as good as that offered by the surrounds.