Aspire Estate

About Aspire

With half of the lots already sold, around 850 families have thus far understood the many pros of the Aspire proposition. The first is the location - at just 30km west of the CBD, a 35-minute drive is all it takes to get to the centre of Melbourne. It’s found on the edge of established suburbs like Sydenham and Taylors Lakes, granting residents easy access to everything needed for a comfortable life. The second major perk is space. This is an estate for outdoor types, with 27ha of parklands, and every home within 400m of a green area.

Why buy in Aspire

If you’re looking for a modern and convenient version of the Australian dream, look no further than Aspire. Roomy houses on generous blocks, plenty of places for kids to be kids, and all this under the big skies of Melbourne’s west. This is a community that provides much-needed balance; your professional life is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the personal. Why not aspire for something better?