Accolade Estate

The once quiet country town of Rockbank is in the throes of evolution, and the estate of Accolade has placed itself in the very centre of the excitement. Found 40km west of the Melbourne CBD, the estate is just 600m from Rockbank Station and its half-hour services to the city centre. Featuring plentiful amenity and green spaces, Accolade is the culmination of decades of experience on the developer’s part. It’s modern semi-rural living as it should be.

1220 Leakes Rd, Rockbank VIC 3335, Australia

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Why buy in Accolade

Across the road from the future Rockbank town centre, the region’s soon-to-be hub, Accolade grants new residents the opportunity to put a stake in what promises to be the primest of ground. The clever masterplanning of the development, in which a beautiful park or green space will be within a stone’s throw of every home, is a particularly enticing feature, as is the connectivity to the city. And if you’re looking for value, it’s difficult to find better!

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Accolade Suburb Profile

Like a number of other small townships in Melbourne’s west, Rockbank flew under the radar of developers for the longest time. Boasting a fantastic location just off the Western Freeway, and with a train station already established, residents of this community can get to the Melbourne CBD by road or rail in just 30 minutes. Despite this alluring fact, the area nonetheless remains sparsely populated, although Accolade and The Millstone estates are just a couple of current developments that are helping to bring people and amenity to the area. This unique set of circumstances means that homebuyers can secure a lifestyle that is at once rural and charming, while also being perfectly connected. Buying now also ensures that a property owner gets in on the ground floor – prices are incredible here, and your investment will grow in value as the surrounding area develops. Rockbank is the sort of place that you can expect to grow with your family, and that you’ll definitely grow to love.