Deanside Village Estate

About Deanside Village

The newest premium address in the west, found next door to the established suburb of Caroline Springs, Deanside Village promises a lifestyle without compromise. While one of the first to put its stake in the ground in the Deanside area, this sizeable development will eventually be home to an incredible level of amenity; multiple on-site schools, a Westfield shopping centre, a train station and expansive Kororoit Park will all be in or around the grounds. In the meantime, neighbouring Caroline Springs offers all that a modern suburbanite could need.

Why buy in Deanside Village

As Deanside Village is one of the first estates to break the earth of the area, its initial buyers will be the first to move in. This puts the early birds in an enviable position to get the worm; as the surrounding area grows and develops, your gorgeous house and land investment - originally bought for a song - is likely to seriously increase in value. If you’re looking for a blue-chip place to settle, there’s arguably no better option in Melbourne.

Match House and Land in Deanside Village Estate