Kingsfield Estate

About Kingsfield

On the western edge of Sunbury, the established hub of northwest Melbourne sits an estate that effortlessly blends safety, connectivity, modernity and value in one perfect package. Kingsfield is a development of exclusivity, as demonstrated by the wealth of greenery that surrounds each of the estate’s neighbourhoods; it wasn’t designed to maximise profit, but rather to maximise lifestyle. Sustainability is also big here, with the design of every element formed by looking through a long-term lens.

Why buy in Kingsfield

At Kingsfield there’s no need to choose between country tranquillity and big city convenience - you’re treated to both. While Sunbury stoically remains its own city, the fact remains that it is just 40 minutes by car and 30 minutes by express train to the Melbourne CBD. You wouldn’t know it from the idyllic surrounds of Kingfield though - big blocks, lush bushland and friendly faces make this an oasis on the well-connected outskirts.

Match House and Land in Kingsfield Estate