Rosenthal Estate

About Rosenthal

To the south of Sunbury, a development is offering residents a new level of sophistication, luxury and community spirit. In fact, to call Rosenthal, a community is perhaps underselling it - this expansive development is more like its own city, and boasts amenities to match. On-site conservation reserves, sports facilities, a primary school and a village centre, make this a self-sustaining estate, and one where every member feels part of a larger whole.

Why buy in Rosenthal

The reasons to choose to settle down in Rosenthal are seemingly endless. The location is ideal, with Sunbury town centre just a stone’s throw away, and a trip to the Melbourne CBD taking just 40 minutes by car or 30 minutes by train. The carefully planned, constructed and curated grounds have been designed for modern families who want a feeling of safety and community. And given the enticing proposition offered by Rosenthal, the homes are some of the best value in all of Melbourne!

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