Wallara Waters Estate

About Wallara Waters

The greenery, the fresh air, the wide-open spaces; country life is an alluring prospect - particularly for city dwellers cramped into ever more compact spaces - but one that always seems out of reach. But a taste of rural living needn’t be at the expense of convenience, your job, or your kids’ education. Welcome to Wallara Waters, an estate spread over the gently undulating terrain of Wallan, 45km north of the Melbourne CBD.

Why buy in Wallara Waters

Wallara Waters offers all that you could hope for from rural life - the friendliness, the tranquillity, the community spirit - while also delivering the unexpected. A 45-minute service from Wallan to Southern Cross Station, ultra-fast fibre-to-the-home internet, and planned on-site retail and community precincts are just a few of the urban amenities offered by this semi-rural development.