Chesterfield Park Estate

About Chesterfield Park

It’s not easy finding level earth in West Gippsland, which is precisely what makes Chesterfield Park, a rare flat land release in Warragul, such an enticing option. This community, featuring a sizeable on-site reserve and convenient town and freeway access, is down to its last release of blocks after hundreds of residents have recognised the opportunity. With the Melbourne CBD just a 90-minute drive up the Princes Highway, here you can enjoy the best of the country, along with easy access to the city.

Why buy in Chesterfield Park

Between the stunning mountains, the convenient location and the charming rural vibe, beautiful, fast-growing Warragul sells itself. But the question of where to buy in Warragul can be somewhat pricklier. Flat land is easier and cheaper to build on, while also granting you a wider variety of construction options. Flatness is a prized commodity in the hilly, often mountainous area of West Gippsland, but Chesterfield Park offers it by the bucketload. If you want a Warragul home without the compromise, it’s a fantastic choice.

Match House and Land in Chesterfield Park Estate