Cornerstone Estate

Found on the western edge of Werribee, Cornerstone is located a 10 minute drive from the town centre, and just 40 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Beautiful homes on roomy lots are the rule rather than the exception here, with each boasting multiple bedrooms and a backyard. A waterway lined with greenery runs through the development, granting a beautiful view to a good portion of the homes.

383 Black Forest Road, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia

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Why buy in Cornerstone

The focus is on family at Cornerstone. It has been designed as the perfect place to celebrate life’s little wins, whether a victory on the footy field, a promotion at work, or baby’s first steps in the lounge room. The parks and playgrounds (including the impressive Safari Park at the centre of the estate), sport and recreation facilities, and a wealth of local education options combine to make Cornerstone a particularly great place to raise kids.

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Cornerstone Suburb Profile

Werribee brought the masses to Melbourne’s west before it was cool. As little as a 30-minute drive from the CBD, Werribee set the scene for what has recently become extensive development in the surrounding area, such as in the (somewhat) newly formed suburbs of Manor Lakes, Tarneit and Truganina. This has made the name Werribee, the local Aboriginal word for backbone, all the more apt. That’s not to say that Werribee is now devoid of development – Cornerstone estate and others continue to offer incredible lifestyle opportunities to homebuyers, which are made all the more enticing for the fact that you get to set up camp in a firmly established suburb. Home to the Werribee River, Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre, beautiful Werribee Park and Werribee Open Range Zoo, the lifestyle here is an exciting and fulfilling one, a combination that has proven alluring to thousands of families so far.