Arramont Estate

About Arramont

If you could choose two words to sum up the Arramont proposition, they’d likely be luxury and space. Located in Wollert, 27km north of the CBD, Arramont sits just off the Hume Freeway and is 1.5km from Cragieburn Station, granting residents 45-minute access to the CBD. Here you’ll be buying in an area that is at once established and developing, with Wollert offering modern convenience in its southeast, and wide-open spaces in the northwest, where Arramont is nestled.

Why buy in Arramont

Designer homes on generous lots are the rule rather than the exception here, and it only takes a glance to see the commitment of this community to nature. Describing itself as semi-rural living, at Arramont, you’ll be surrounded by both greenery and convenience. All this adds up to a family-friendly lifestyle; one that offers balance in a desirable location.