Elyssia Estate

About Elyssia

25km north of the Melbourne CBD, where the hustle and bustle of the city gives way to the babble of brooks and the rustle of river red gums, the Elyssia community is offering property buyers the opportunity for a more tranquil, more balanced and all-round better life. A mix of fully detached homes and townhouses mean that every budget and lifestyle is catered for on this stunning estate.

Why buy in Elyssia

Elyssia is an investment both for now and for the future. With the Wollert Precinct Structure Plan about to get into full swing, Elyssia will soon find itself surrounded with modern amenity, from train stations to schools. The value of the properties, meanwhile, will increase with every addition. And right now residents can enjoy the open air and modern master planning that will see this estate remain just as fresh and relevant for the generations that follow.