Lyndarum North Estate

About Lyndarum North

Found 23km north of the Melbourne CBD, Lyndarum North is an estate that has been planned in harmony with the natural assets of the surrounding landscape. Inspired by the original Lyndarum, its sister estate next door, Lyndarum North will eventually be home to 5000 people and an incredible list of on-site amenities, including a school, town centre, retail precinct and train station.

Why buy in Lyndarum North

Connectedness - to nature, to neighbours, to family, to life. This is the Lyndarum North proposition, and it’s one that this intelligent estate delivers with aplomb. Nestled amongst 500-year-old river red gums, this community perfectly melds ancient nature and modern living, granting residents a sense of balance that can be difficult to find in cities that are becoming ever more cramped.