Riverhills Estate

About Riverhills

Located in Wollert, 27km north of the Melbourne CBD, Riverhills is a development built on undulating land that until now has been tenanted by sheep rather than humans, partly due to the complexities of the terrain. That hasn’t discouraged this plucky set of developers, however, and the fruits of their labour are gorgeous. Combining big city convenience with levels of nature that you’d expect from a national park, Riverhills is a unique proposition.

Why buy in Riverhills

A natural oasis nestled in Melbourne’s north, Riverhills is far from just a name, it’s a promise that’s delivered. This community has been meticulously planned around Darebin Creek and the rocky outcrops that jut up and out from its edge. Wollert has initially been a prosperous sheep-grazing area, and Riverhills has somehow managed to capture the essence of those earlier times, combining modern, luxury living with untouched nature.

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