Waterloo 3823 Estate

About Waterloo 3823

Located in Yarragon, a tranquil country town found between the rural hubs of Warragul and Moe, Waterloo 3823 is a development that offers all the perks of rural life - the peace, the space, the value and the sense of community - without any of the pitfalls. Here you’ll live in modern estate within a beautiful and historic township, surrounded by shops, parks, schools and childcare facilities, and less than an hour and a half from the centre of Melbourne.

Why buy in Waterloo 3823

‘You’ll never feel more connected’ promises this country estate. While this might seem an odd claim for a development that lies 120km east of the Melbourne CBD, the truth is that Waterloo 3823 actually delivers on the promise. Here you’re connected to nature, to the community, to incredible local food and wine and to transport options, either road or rail, that can get you into the city in a jiffy.

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